Basically we understand Coaching as "the way for a coachee to leave his self-designed realty". For us the analogy to sports promotes a too excessively one-sided and shortened fitness concept of coaching.

Naturally the aspect of improving performance plays also an important role for each coaching and it is also about the study and practice of new behaviors.

But performance and behaviour relate to motivation and personal resources and coaching is more than increasing performance and change of behaviour.

For us coaching means the development of the whole person with her/his

  • motifs and abilities
  • attitudes and practices
  • values and beliefs


Therefore we do define coaching as a

  • person-oriented promotion of a person in their professional role and in their respective concrete work and task context,
  • mixture of process-related consulting, goal-oriented guidance and activity-oriented training
  • instrument of integrative personal development, which tries to combine optimally learning and working.


Our individual consulting of

  • persons (e.g. executives) and
  • groups/teams (e.g. team coaching)


is focused on factual and technical and/or psychological and socio-dynamic topics respectively problems in the context of the respective working environment.

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